Body Glove Paddle Board – Why I Love It

The first board that I ever tried to paddle board on was a Body Glove brand board – I loved it. For many reasons which I will tell you about – it’s a board and a brand that I recommend to all riders. They have a great selection of different boards for yoga or racing. They are super accessible and great quality. The Body Glove Paddle Boards can often be overlooked but they are a really incredible option!

Austin Texas Paddle Board

Easy Set Up

These boards come in a box all ready to be blown up, you just take it out, hook up the tube to the hand pump and you are on your way. They come with a great hand pump which is easy to use, and the plug stopper is attached with a string so you won’t lose it.

Once you unwrap your board and blow it up, you can hit the water. Just as easy to put it away it comes with all the tools for that. It will deflate itself once you take the plug out and then you can roll it up! This process really only takes about 10 minutes.

The backpack that will come with your Body Glove paddle board is great quality, it will fit your board and all the other important accessories that you need.

It is important to have a quality board but also accessories. Having the right tools will make your inflatable paddle board experience just that much better.

People ask me if it’s annoying or how long it takes or if having to blow up the board each time deters me from using it, etc. I can very easily tell people no! They make it so easy, with great tools to pump it up quickly and keep everything in the same place.

Set up is a breeze and it allows me the opportunity to take the board to new rivers and lakes at my leisure.


Quality paddle boards can be so expensive, if you go to a name brand store like REI or comparable sports stores. They charge up to $1,300 for one board! That often doesn’t even come with a paddle then you have to buy that.

With Body Glove you are getting all the accessories included, at a super reasonable price. There are a lot of different options, boards that are for more advanced or shaped for specific activities. The price differs from each of these different kinds of boards.

This makes it so if you are not sure and just a beginner you can choose an even less expensive board to start with. Then when you have become to local pro who does races you can upgrade to a longer thinner super fast race board!

So many great options are great prices, you will want to have more than one.

My favorite part about the lower price of these inflatable boards is that you know everything is included. The one item you will have to purchase is a life jacket – because safety first. These boards come with the bag to carry it in and all the tools you will need to be a successful boarder.

I even have a repair kit that came with mine! So if for some reason I do pop a hole or damage the board in some way, I can fix it for free on my own with this simple kit.

How amazing, they make it so easy to have fun and be successful in this sport. I have been using my boards for years now though and never have I actually had to repair a whole or damaged spot of any kind. So even though it’s great to have the ability to fix it, luckily I have not had to do it.

Great For Learners or Advanced Riders

As I briefly mentioned above, there are so many options from Body Glove that you are sure to find something perfect for your level. Experience obviously comes after you have a board and know the kind of riding you want to do. But they can help you decide what level you are at now.

Whether a first time rider or someone who loves to get out on the water each morning!

They have different shapes and size boards for all. Maybe you and your puppy like to get out on an adventure, they have a board with extra room for them to sit up front. Or your kids like to paddle with you, extra room for that.

You like to ride alone and go as fast as possible? They have great smaller, more narrow boards to fit one person so you can go as fast as your speed racer heart desires.

The inflatable paddle boards are so versatile that anyone can become an expert.

I started really slow on my knees just trying to figure out how to stand up without falling in the water! On a beginner average length and width size board, it had great stability and I was able to learn quickly.

Now I am able to take new friends out on the water and help them learn. I love to teach new people and these boards are so stable and have a little extra give if you do fall. Because they are inflatable they aren’t as hard as bamboo or epoxy board, those really leave a mark when you fall.

The blow up paddleboard might still hurt a little if you fall, but with a little more flex and give, no bruises!

I have a 10 foot 6 inch board and that’s perfect for me. I am a woman 5 feet 5 inches tall. Usually I ride alone and this is plenty of room for me – even if I wanna do some yoga or burpees on the board, lots of room. A little bit longer board sometimes makes it easy to go faster.

A board that is a little bit wider in the middle can be great for Yoga poses because you have more room to spread out, and it’s got extra stability.

Each board is very versatile though, and you can perform all activities on any of them. Now it is more of a preference as to what size and shape of board you want to use!

The Look

Although I think that the way your board looks is the least important, this can be a deciding factor for people who want something that looks cute on the water. I love the colors that my board has on it, and I think that it stands out in a good way when I am around other people with boards.

They have a lot of great options for different colors and patterns of boards!

I have a blue and yellow board that I love, they have a bunch of different color combinations that will help you stand out and feel sporty cool out on the water.

Sup Connect Gear of the Year Award

I can tell you all about how I love these boards and why you should get them. But don’t just listen to me. SUP Connect is a great site that gives advice and has lots of info for people in the SUP world.

They have awarded Body Glove’s Navigator board with this 2019 gear of the year award. These are people are love to stand up paddle board and try different products out all year long. So now you know I’m right, this is the board for you.

Now get out on the water!


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