Inflatable Paddle Boards – Benefits of a Blow Up

My blow up SUP has been life changing. I can take it anywhere and use it way more often than I would a hard board. There are so many more benefits to having an inflatable board! Here are all the most important reasons to switch today, go inflatable!

Inflatable SUPs are Compact and Convenient

Compact is key here, these boards roll or fold up and fit into tight spaces. Most come with a backpack that your board and all it’s necessary accessories will fit into.

Then you sling it over your shoulder and your on the move! This is the most convenient part because then you can take it anywhere on your person. Or drive it anywhere despite the size of your car, even check it on an airplane without oversize luggage fees.

Convenience is one of the most important things in my life as I grow older, the harder something is to do the less I tend to do it.

So it takes me between 5 and 10 minutes to pump up my board with a hand pump each time I want to take it out. Now even though this is not ideal, it is better that I can take it anywhere! This honestly makes it so I will use it.

One of the coolest things I use this convenience for is friends. When I wanna paddle the river with a friend we can drive to a rental place. I pump my board up in the time that they can rent, sign the waiver and get out on the water.

It is perfect and as I said before, super convenient. Paddle boarding alone is something I do enjoy, but being able to go out with any friend who can afford to rent opens up the possibilities for weekend fun!

I love that my board can be rolled up small at home as well, I share an apartment in the city with two other girls. So I can’t just have a paddle board laid out in the living room all the time. Having the ability to keep it in a small area allows me to not bother my roommates and keep my life a little more tidy.

This also means my board can be inside, keeping it inside makes me feel more safe too. My board was an investment and I do not always trust leaving it outside on my porch.

Versatile and Great for All Skill Levels

The versatility of an inflatable SUP is incomparable to all others. With the SUP trend becoming more and more popular they are making boards that are specific for all things.

They have boards that are longer and thinner for speed, blow up boards that are wider and more stable for yoga.

They even have boards that are specially designed to have space for your dog! Take your Pup on the SUP.

Whether you are just learning or are an expert racer on a paddle board, the inflatable is the best option. I am here to tell you why.

One of my favorite things to do is take newbies out, teach them a thing or two, get them standing and paddling around. The hardest part is not actually the standing, but the courage to try to stand.

Knowing you may fall in the water, could hurt yourself, more than anything will definitely look silly doing it. So going out for a paddle with friends who have not done it is all about the push and encouragement.

On a blow up board when you do fall, which is inevitable when you are challenging yourself, it hurts just a little less. These boards have more give and are softer, not by much but it’s the difference between falling onto a hard wood floor and something more like a carpet. Great for learners.

On the flip side, they are amazing for experts who travel and want to board in new rivers and lakes! People who race boards for real competition, or even workout on their boards.

The balance can really force you to use so many more muscles than you would just working out on land. They are soft, most with a mat like texture in the middle for gripping with your feet, or hands if you can head stand! (I’m working on that one, harder than it looks.)

Maybe you are someone wanting to compete in a Paddle Board Race somewhere that’s not your backyard, pack up your blow up board and take it there!

Just as Durable and Stable as Epoxy Boards

If you take excellent care of your inflatable SUP like I know you will, it has been proven they can actually stand the test of time better than a hard board. Crazy I know.

The military grade technology just keeps getting better. I was so afraid at first that if I bumped into the wrong rock, or blew it up on top of a stick I would end up with a hole. This material is so much tougher than I ever had imagined.

Plus if you do get a little rip or a hole, which I have not – knock on wood – a DIY fix it kit comes with most boards. If you were to damage or get a crack in an epoxy or fiberglass board that is not something you can fix yourself. It will cost you way more to handle an injury to one of those boards!

These boards are durable and just as stable as other boards. I have found actually that especially for learners, these boards are more stable! Something to do with the air and the PSI they are able to be very stable on the water.

Of course this sport in general takes a lot of balance and strength. The inflatable SUP’s have a reputation for being so stable you really can do anything on them.

Like take your kids, your dog, do a head stand even some burpees! Man those can be fun, a tough workout when you’re trying harder not to fall in the water than ever before.

No matter what you’re doing, its an amazing full body workout. You are using all sorts of muscles you didn’t know you had while staying upright on these boards.

I have found when you’re in waves or windy waters the PSI and inflatable boards are easier to maneuver as well. Because they sit just a little above the water, cause they are floating, you can dance over the waves.

With a thin fiberglass board you go under the waves much easier, making it so you take on water and lose your footing. A board with a changeable PSI will be easier to take on different bodies of water in different weather conditions.

Lightweight Inflatable Boards for Transport

Small sedan car trunk? No problem. Flying and want to check it without oversize baggage fees? You got it. Long walk to the water from where you are? Throw it on your back and let’s go!

Anyone can carry these lightweight boards. It is so easy to move around and transport. The epoxy boards that are always hard require a roof rack, tie it on, you’ll have to lift it up there – and they are heavy! Takes two people to walk it down the path to the water from the car or the camp site.

Don’t even think about asking to put one of those things on an airplane. You will pay crazy amounts and likely your board will get damaged as they are so heavy and bulky.

I am a fairly small woman, I am strong but I wouldn’t ever consider picking up one of those hard boards to take somewhere. With the handy backpack my inflatable goes in I am always willing to hike around with it!

I love to take it places and sometimes depending on how far, it can get tiring. But for the most part the support that backpack gives allows most of the weight to be distributed evenly, easy to carry!

All the reasons you should invest in an Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

Now you know all the reasons I stand for Inflatable SUP’s and why you should to.

There are very few downsides to these amazing inventions, they are truly incredible. Changing this sport for the better! More widely available each summer as well. With growing popularity places like Costco even have started selling them.

So there is no excuse, get out and get you an inflatable paddle board!


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